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How to write a covering letter that increases the chance of getting an interview

Writing a covering letter that increases the chances of having your CV read can be a challenge for many job seekers.Cover letter writing to get your CV read

  • What should I include?
  • How much do they want to read?
  • How formal or informal should it be?
  • How can I avoid it being too generic?


The first issue to address when writing a covering letter is the recruiter's essential criteria for the role. All vacancies have a list of criteria that must usually be met for a recruiter to consider you for an interview. So, if they state that they are looking for someone with 5 years' experience and a certificate in Health & Safety, then state your position very clearly in the opening paragraph of the covering letter. Then move on to explaining very briefly how your skills and experience meet the criteria of the role, using two or three examples to provide evidence. Do also make sure that you include a comment that demonstrates both your knowledge of and enthusiasm for their company, product or service. This helps the recruiter to see that you are genuinely interested in working specifically for them, rather than simply keen to get any new job.

If you have asked yourself any of the above questions, please see my comments on cover letter writing for more information or call me on 07530 719271. I will be delighted to help you to write a strong covering letter to support your application.

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