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KV, Data Manager

"Could you write a review, please?" Sure...

I ought to point out that I don't know Sarah. We've never met, except in cyberspace.

So what prompted my choice then?

Initially, it was because she was local, this might prove useful, and she's been doing this gig independently for over 9 years.

Then, reading through her profile, I was drawn to its convivial, personal tone, which led me to feel that the process would be an engaging one.

And I wasn't wrong.

During the course of our correspondence I was informed of what would happen and when. And it did.

That didn't mean I had an easy ride though. There were all sorts of probing questions to contend with... Not surprising perhaps, it'd been twenty years since my last CV.

Sarah has given the CV a thorough and considered examination and I'm now infinitely happier when submitting it.

Indeed, she's done such a good job that I barely recognise myself.

I unequivocally recommend Sarah's services.

(PS: Writing this review has been tougher than I'd anticipated... I'll get Sarah to write the next one!)

If it’s a professional and individually tailored service you require, get in touch with Sarah. 

S. Deol

I have helped clients to secure interviews with leading organisations including ...

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